Thursday, April 28, 2005

Filter,regulator, and lubricator for air compressors

In today's tough work environments filtered, regulated, and lubricated compressed air is essential in all industries and applications. Using all three of these methods will extend the life of your air tools, impact wrenches, pneumatic controls, pneumatic valves, etc., reducing maintenance and downtime costs. Failure to use properly filtered,regulated and lubrication will
cause equipment damage or possible injury.

Below are brief descriptions of each component:

Filter - Removes liquid, ,moisture or oil aerosols and submicron particles from a compressed air line before it reaches your air tool.

Regulator - Regulates the compressed air. Provides pressure regulation for the various requirements for air tools, impact wrenches etc. The variety of sizes and designs increase accuracy for the particular application.

Lubricator - Dispenses lubrication to air tools, impact wrench. Most air tools require lubrication to run at peak efficiency. Lubricators can provide constant lubrication according to factory recommended specifications reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

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