Thursday, April 21, 2005

Choosing the right air compressor for you air tools - 1 or 2 Stage

There is a lot of confusion about single or two stage compressors. Is a 2 stage better than a single stage?

Again, it comes down to application and how much you are going to use your air tools. Also, how much pressure you really need will factor into your decision. Here are the basics. In a single stage compressor, the cylinder pumps air straight into the tank. In a two stage compressor, the first cylinder pumps the air into the second cylinder at about 90 psi. Then the air is pumped into the tank at about 175 psi. So you really only need to buy a 2 stage if you need the higher pressure. For most jobs a good single stage is fine for you air tools or impact wrench. You are better off buying a good single stage that a cheap 2 stage from your local hardware store.

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