Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chilton Manuals and Repair Advice

I am always working on my car or friend' cars and I need a good reference guide to have around to answer basic questions about the car I am working on. Is there a reference book available that is specific to the year and make of certain cars?

Yes, there is. Chilton manuals have been around for years and are a great resource for the car enthusiast and the garage mechanic. They are really great for novice mechanics because they have good illustrations and simple step by step instructions. I have found that they have both the very simple and more complicated instructions for more the ambitious mechanic. You should purchase a Chilton manual for each car your are working on and stay away from the more general repair manuals out on the market. Chilton repair manuals will show the specifics steps and parts you will need for both foreign and domestic automobiles.

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