Monday, March 5, 2007

Can my jump starter power other stuff too?

I carry a jump starter in my car and I was wondering if you can use it to power other stuff besides just jumping your dead car battery?

Thats a great question. Your jump starter can power any accessory up to 12 amps. A microwave might be a little much. A jump starter is usually comes with an auto reset breaker if the current being pulled exceeds 12 amps. So you can power just about any 12 volt electrical device off of your jump starter. Some examples are a cell phone, radio, fan, small refrigerator, GPS device, lights and just about anything your imagination dreams up. This makes the jump starter an ideal emergency power source. Because if your car battery dies on you and the jump starter can't revive your car because the problem is say a bad alternator. The jump starter can be used to power your cell phone to call for help.

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