Sunday, April 1, 2007

Swamp Cooler and my auto shop

I work as a mechanic in an automotive service shop in a very hot climate. Our service bays are not air conditioned and are rather large. We leave the bay doors open in the summer and have some very large fans to keep air circulating. It just doesn't seem to be enough, especially in August. I have seen people using a swamp cooler on outside patios and I was wondering if that would work for me?

Yes. A swamp cooler is the way to go in your situation. You can get a swamp cooler with a very larger fan and large surface area for cooling. In your situation, the swamp cooler is not going to be able to cool down the whole shop. But if you aim the air flow right towards you, the air will be much cooler than just a plain old fan. All you will need to hook it up is an ac socket and a garden hose. Swamp coolers work by filtering water down an evaporative pad and blowing air through the pad. The evaporation process makes the air much cooler. The garden hose makes sure the unit doesn't run out of water and keeps cooling.

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