Monday, May 9, 2005

Ingersoll Rand and TNT - An Explosive Combination!

From Ingersoll Rand one of the world's leading manufacturers of air compressors and air tools comes the Titanium and Torque series of air impact wrenches. These air tools are the "Cadillac" tools of the IR line. They are light and sleek looking.The Titanium TNT series 2115Ti is small, lightweight (2.4 lbs) and powerful (280 ft. lbs. torque). This air impact wrench delivers more power than many 1/2" drive impacts that you find at your local big box hardware store. The housing is manufactured out of titanium and a composite material that makes for a light and agile air tool. It delivers 1,500 hammer blows per minute through twin hammers and has a load-free speed of 15,000 rpm that is delivered to a 3/8" drive. I'm sorry, all air impact wrenches are not created equal and the Titanium impacts prove that. Your money is well spent on these excellent air tools. Ingersoll Rand gives these air tools a 1 year warranty on the air impact wrench and parts should not be difficult to find.

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